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Rafting in Voidomatis

Downhill at Voidomatis is a small difficulty, and that’s why it’s ideal for rafting first contact. The descent of the river starts from the Bridge of Aristi-Papigko and ends in the area of Kleidonia, and all activity lasts about three hours, crossing the core of the National Park of Vikos-Aoos.

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River trekking in the Voidomatis gorge

Walking through the beds and the waters of the River Voidomatis, we enjoy the incredible beauty of an unexplored landscape. Starting at Vikos village, the 5-hour journey ends at the Aristis-Papigos Bridge through unique icons and crystal clear waters that invite you to play with them in the heart of the gorge.

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Zagori sightseeing

Through a 7-hour drive, we discover the most popular spots and the most picturesque villages of Western and Central Zagori, such as Dilofo, Kipoi, the villages of Papigo and we learn about the history, architecture and natural beauty of the place through unique sight such as the monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the natural balcony Oxya, as well as phenomena of rare geological beauty such as the stone forest in Monodendri and the gorge of Vikos.

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Climbing to Drakolimni of Tymphi

For more demanding nature lovers, this route starts from the village of Mikro Papigo and ends up in the unique beauty of the alpine lake of Drakolimni at an altitude of 2000m, crossing the Tymfi mountain range through oak trees, anchovies, maple trees, carnations, limestone with a limestone rock background called ‘Towers of Astraka’. Intermediate station is the mountain shelter of Astraka at an altitude of 1950m, and return to the village of Mikro Papigo after an 8-hour beautiful route.

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Mountain bike in the Acacia forests

Starting from the village of Elati, we head from the main road to the village of Dikorfo. Here we enter the beautiful forest of Oxyas and continue our journey to Kipi village overlooking Mount Tymphi and the Vikos Gorge in a beautiful route full of stone bridges and alternating asphalt and dirt road for about 3 hours.

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